A Story for Our Time Part Nine

A Story for Our Time Part Nine

Clash of Civilizations:

AkelDeema the Saga: A Story for Our Time

Part Nine: Shield and Buckler

“An Original Story About the Clash of Ancient Civilizations with the Added Twist of Weapons of Mass Destruction…”

For almost the entirety of my life…

I have read books.

Books about physics and science and technology and the mysteries of flight.

The mysteries of flight and the capacity to overthrow and then exceed gravitational pull…

These kinds of ideas fascinate me.

I’m not alone.

I have also preoccupied my reading disciplines with the study of weaponry.

I know something, strike that, a good deal about ballistics, weapons, thrust, yield, combustibles and how mortality and lethality rates are considered and then configured.

I’m not alone.

AkelDeema Vol. One Kingdom Builders is the story of men who despise the United States of America for ancient, but not archaic reasons.

AkelDeema Vol. One Kingdom Builders is the story of men who cling to an ancient faith and decide to fight its battles.

AkelDeema Vol. One Kingdom Builders is the story of men who fight an ancient faith’s battles with weapons conceived by modern minds.

AkelDeema Vol. One: Kingdom Builders posits a moment in time when orchestrated overachievers compose and then perform a national dirge.

I warn you; this is not a safe passage…

AkelDeema the Saga: Volume One Kingdom Builders is a story about a rogue band of people, each and every one of them fierce opponents to the American system of government and most assuredly, the American way of life…who through clandestine channels acquire…

Enriched nuclear material.

I love a good mystery.

I live for intrigue.

I love writing and telling tales of suspense and horrors too deep to speak in the midnight hour.

More to come…

Order your copy today and begin this journey of the American fortress crumbled with millions of others throughout the globe…


Travel Far.

Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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