A Story for Our Time Part Ten

A Story for Our Time Part Ten

AkelDeema the Saga: A Story for Our Time.

Part Ten: The Foresight of God.

Imagine trying to cobble together an answer for a problem that does not, yet, exist.

Imagine trying to convince someone, anyone really, that they are indeed the chosen one.

Imagine finding a poor, broken, abject, rejected and depleted human being.

Imagine asking that miserable wretch to envision saving a nation that does not even know it is at peril.

AkelDeema Vol. One: Kingdom Builders is a tale of a man who finds himself…. lost.

AkelDeema Vol. One: Kingdom Builders is a tale of a man who finds himself…aimlessly wandering.

AkelDeema Vol. One: Kingdom Builders is a tale of a man whom God taps on the shoulder and convinces him that regardless of his resource-less-ness and social power-less-ness and financial in-capacity and strip-mined personal confidence that he and he alone is the answer to a problem that has yet to arrive.

AkelDeema Vol. One: Kingdom Builders posits a moment in time when orchestrated overachievers compose and then perform a national dirge.

I warn you; this is not a safe passage…

AkelDeema the Saga: Volume One Kingdom Builders is a story about a rogue band of people, each and every one of them fierce opponents to the American system of government and most assuredly, the American way of life…who through clandestine channels acquire…

Enriched nuclear material.

I love a good mystery.

I live for intrigue.

I love writing and telling tales of suspense and horrors too deep to speak in the midnight hour.

More to come…

Order your copy today and begin this journey of the American fortress crumbled with millions of others throughout the globe…


Travel Far.

Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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