A Story for Our Time Part Three

A Story for Our Time Part Three

  • An original story of the power of God to impress upon a few that danger is coming
  • An original story of the miraculous power of God compressed in small spaces
  • An original story of how beauty proceeds and follows cataclysms
  • An original story of the claw and gnaw of one man’s personal fight with God and how that connects and cements him to others’ who daily stare down the same internal battle
  • An original story of how internal spiritual battles are in-fact cosmic and galactic skirmishes for the soul of men and women
  • An original story of two very different visions of who indeed will occupy, lead, gain control over and ultimately wield the full might and measure of the resources that are what constitute The United States of America
  • An original story that begins, ‘The AkelDeema Saga’

AkelDeema the Saga:

  • The Prequel: Planet Creche: The Monumentas Myth
  • Volume One: Kingdom Builders
  • Volume Two: Kingdom Healers
  • Volume Three: Kingdom Travelers

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