I am a father, husband, counselor, writer, futurist, novelist and an aging tennis player.

Steve Bonenberger
B.A., M. Div. Ongoing Post-Grad. Studies 

Pastor, speaker, biblical and excellence instruction, essayist, novelist and storyteller.

Armed with more than 25 years of experience in a range of academic and creative ventures as a senior pastor, Christian radio host, and Christian fiction writer, Steve knows what it takes to manage teams, budgets, and projects.

He is a self proclaimed “big picture guy with keen attention to detail.”

He is principled and dedicated to every task that builds a project.  

He is honest and genuine in relationships with others because that’s how trust is built.

His life’s goal?

To help people find ways to improve their performance, fuel their passion, and see their visions come to pass. 

“I am an ordained minister of the gospel, and I am specifically exempted from additional licensing requirements and legally authorized to provide counseling services to individuals and families. (California Business and Professions Code, §§ 2908, 4980.1(b), 4996.13, and 4999.22(a)). I have received extensive counseling training and provided Christ-based counseling to hundreds of individuals for over 40 years.” 
 In addition, as an ordained minister, conversations and communications between me and those I serve fall under clergy-penitent privilege laws which preclude disclosure of our communications to legal authorities or to any other party. (California Evidence Code, §§ 1030 –  1034).”