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The Start: You Must Start Alone – Genius Confab! – Bonenberger & Co.

The Start: You Must Start Alone

The Genius Path: Discover You

The Start: You Must Start Alone.


Today The Genius Path: Discover You course launches.

So many years of work.

So many iterations.

So many starts and stops.

So many details.

So many misfires.

So many quashed attempts.

So many shots fired over my bow that landed and sunk the ship.

So many trials and mini triumphs.

So many wishes blown apart by soured experiences.

And yet!

I kept plowing.

I kept working and re-working.

I kept imagining the text and building the processes.

I kept working with broken and semi-willing people.

I kept shaping the content.

And now…

Genius Path: Discover You is borne!

I must say, it is…Genius!

Sound intriguing.

It is.

Join us.

For once, don’t push back.

For once, lean into the best parts of you.

For once, believe that there is a glide-path available for you.

For once, listen to the universe as it whispers and calls your name.

Join us.

Travel Far.

Steve Bonenberger – Primary Encounter Expert And Expeditionary Commander.


Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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