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Answering Angels – Genius Confab! – Bonenberger & Co.

Answering Angels

Answering Angels:

There are the constant cosmic appeals that you have prayed and moaned and whined and begged God or the universe or the morning sun for ‘answers’.

You have begged and pleaded for signs and, ‘help’!

Help arrived via, ‘The Genius Path: Discover You’ Course.

What if ‘The Genius Path: Discover You’ course is one of your, ‘answering angels’?

Answering Angels:

  • Speak soft and gentle words of pure wisdom
  • Refuse to reinforce your negativities
  • Refute—fully refute—your penchant to self-inebriate
  • Call you to action
  • Provide you with a 120 day, daily plan (more is coming!)
  • Speak thoughtful and persuasive knowledge into your soul
  • Work you through daily lessons/sessions each designed to pique your mind and whir your internal engines
  • Ask you to S L O W D O W N and use the power of reflection to regain your internal emotional balance
  • Lead you into processes each calculated to trigger your genius into rising to the surface and becoming: ‘top of mind’
  • Immerse you in a series of conversations each of which invite you to expand and explore and excite and stretch and move and reimagine
  • See you working at peak performance and maximum capacity
  • Send resources exactly when you are ready to acknowledge and receive and properly utilize them
  • Swim in the deepest end of your ocean currents
  • Rocket fuel: place unquenchable fire inside of your guts

Answering angels…

What if, ‘The Genius Path: Discover You’ course is your, ‘Answering Angel’.

Sound intriguing.

It is.

Join us.

Steve Bonenberger – Primary Encounter Expert And Expeditionary Commander.


Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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