Commitment to Concentrated Self-Care

Commitment to Concentrated Self-Care

Genius Path: Concentrated Self-Care:

The course is really a deep-dive into the strange and oddly connected parallel universes of pain and genius.

The course is really an examination of how cruelty of-times produces the most highly-prized of outcomes.

The course is the core assumption that the real you, exists in this ‘perfect union’ that only is properly understood as you sift through the incidents that shaped you and the value that these have either rightly, or overtly created for your benefit.

The course is the strange alchemy that notices that great human beings mined and probed and plunged headlong into their most pitiful sorrows and plundered some formulae(s) that quite literally freed some grander outcome.

The course is the declaration that your genius is not indecipherable and that you are willing and in-fact eager, to range and forage in the deep-end of your own ocean in order to find the keys to your success.

The course is the moment, the season, the arrival of days when you say, “Now! Now! Is my hour…”

The course is your commitment, your outright pledge to death, to never again be controlled, let alone unconsciously manipulated by past ghouls and demons, knowing that it is this very squaring of the shoulders that opens up the hidden treasure vault that is your genius path.

Genius Path = Commitment to Concentrated Self-Care.

Morning Mantra: “I am worth the effort!”

Travel Far.

Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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