Discover You

Discover You

The Genius Path: Discover You.

Some questions:

  • How many lives can be nudged forward?
  • How many hopes and dreams can be revived?
  • How many critics can be bashed?
  • How many scorched earths can be replanted?
  • How many inventions can be birthed?
  • How many lines of code can be written?
  • How many empires can be forged?
  • How many distilleries can be idled and mothballed?
  • How many pot farms and factories can be shuttered?
  • How many emotional imbalances can be rectified?
  • How many harms can be tinctured?
  • How many beautiful minds can be awakened?
  • How many vicious attacks and threat levels can be cancelled?
  • How many families can be reunited?
  • How many scars can be mended?
  • How many souls can find their way back to the living God?
  • How many intellects can be fertilized, cultivated and then harvested for the good of many?

Sounds intriguing…

Join us.

Travel Far.

Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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