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Dr. Alan Gnown – Genius Confab! – Bonenberger & Co.

Dr. Alan Gnown

Dr. Alan Gnown

AkelDeema the Saga written by Steve Bonenberger.

Volume One: Kingdom Builders.

Introduces the legendary character, Prof Tribute: AKA: Dr. Alan Gnown.

Prof Tribute is a real person.

Prof Tribute is more than me, and I am some part of him.

Prof Tribute is a man of tall mind and boundless compassion.

Prof Tribute is an introvert forced to live, because of his superior giftedness within the world of others and the pesky extroverts.

Prof Tribute is an academic first and always.

Prof Tribute is a soul that mines ether.

Prof Tribute personifies intelligent and thoughtful care.

Prof Tribute stumbles into miseries, some, but not all his own doing.

Prof Tribute wanders, and not by his choice into AkelDeema.

Prof Tribute learns that AkelDeema is the valley of death and sorrows.

Prof Tribute lives on the pages of books and in the minds of readers.

Prof Tribute soon becomes a legendary film icon.

Prof Tribute matures into this global and iconic heroic figure/character.

Prof Tribute and his scenes are ‘acted out’ and emulated by men and women and children around the globe.

“AkelDeema, AkelDeema, You Who Stone the Prophets…”


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Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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