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Find and Take, “The Genius Path. – Genius Confab! – Bonenberger & Co.

Find and Take, “The Genius Path.

Find and Take, “The Genius Path.

What is, “The Genius Path?”

  • The moment! The moment when you stop living for others and decide to take (Back!) control of your own life
  • The investment: the direct decision to invest in your own personal future
  • The self-knowledge: the direct decision to discover what in the world happened to you and how you have repeatedly self-sabotaged
  • The self-care: the direct decision to care for yourself and your own well-being
  • The self-awareness: the direct decision to find, locate, unmask and then begin living into your unique and unprecedented brand of, ‘Genius’
  • The lifestyle: the direct decision to live your life, on your terms and with your best interest at heart
  • The community: the discovery of like-minded, co-passion-bearers and the delight of connecting to men and women who share your passions and support your personal success

That is Genius Path!

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Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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