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God’s Guidance: – Genius Confab! – Bonenberger & Co.

God’s Guidance:

God’s Guidance:

Genius Path: Concentrated Self-Care is session work.

Session work that is filled with moments when, ‘God Speaks’.

Each session begins and ends with new discoveries:

Today’s Reflection…

  1. Pause and ask God for Personal Guidance

  2. Invoke the Specific and Declarative Redemptive Power of God

  3. Speak the Redemptive Power of God Over the Former and New ‘You’

  4. Dive into the Study of ‘What Happened to me’? And…’How did I Get to Here’?

  5. Listen to God’s Voice

  6. Ask for and Receive the Very Specific and Quiet Redemptive Voice of God

  7. Follow the Guidance of God

  8. Peer Deep into Your Soul

  9. Notice Your Own Personal Distinctive(s)

  10. Plow into Your Genius

Learned Lessons:

  • Your life requires reflection

  • Your future requires Guidance and the Inclusion of Mentors

  • God has something to say about your arriving future

Travel Far.

Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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