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Kritikal Mass – Genius Confab! – Bonenberger & Co.

Kritikal Mass

Kritikal Mass

Genius Path: Concentrated Self-Care is designed to bring positive surges and bolts of energy into your life.

Genius Path: Concentrated Self-Care is purposefully crafted to excite your internal electrons and protons into positively charged ions that lean you into the next big trade wind.

Genius Path: Concentrated Self-Care clarifies and then harnesses, ‘Kritikal Mass’.

‘Kritikal Mass’:

  • That massive internal effort plus one more pull or tug that exists inside of you
  • That moment when all of your hard work and toil results in waterfalls of cascading successes
  • That unprogrammable and yet 100 % certain inner sense that you are making progress and ‘on the money’ even though you have yet to garner a single, noticeable result
  • Those inglorious moments of grinding and suffering through minutia and rejection and maintaining the inner balance to keep moving forward
  • The power of curiosity despite the setbacks and outright failures
  • The collection of mishaps and missed signals and their seemingly endless seedlings of pure wrongheaded and useless decisions
  • The passion, the inner fire to keep going
  • The eureka moment!
  • All of the effort + 1
  • The evergreen waterfall of success
  • The arrival of your Tribe

Never give up.

Never tilt.

Never faint.

Join us.

Travel Far.

Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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