My Dream for You

My Dream for You

My hopes and dreams for you are:

  • That you leave your malady somewhere today
  • That you remove the sting and pain of your life harm
  • That you take full responsibility for the pain you have caused others
  • That you start making wishes again
  • That you begin to dream again
  • That you dedicate your life to study and to excellence and to human improvement
  • That you find a place of service
  • That you surrender to the missional call and cry of God
  • That your families are reunited
  • That peace and prosperity will seize you and engulf you
  • That God will be your guide and comfort always
  • That the experience of having failed and fallen from Grace will become your strength

Genius Path:Each day, we speak into Genius Path.

Genius Path is this simple, that you grieve your losses…

And grasp your pain…

Knowing that in doing so, you discover your Genius Path.

Travel Far.

Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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