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Redeem the Time! – Genius Confab! – Bonenberger & Co.

Redeem the Time!

Redeem the Time!

The feeling of discouragement and despondency are so real.

They are such potent coagulants.

They carry such intensive weight.

They manage to squirm into our psyches despite our best efforts to push them to the borderlines.

Push Along!

Redeem the Time.

That is the message for this new day!

Despite Covid-19.

In the wake of the tumult of political upheaval.

In the midst of financial insecurities.

Staring down the contagion of embattled relationships.

Knowing that there are huge gaps that exist in the work.

Toiling and slogging through the bog of too many insufficiencies.

Redeem the Time…

Bless God for the chance to work.

Embrace your creative projects.

Settle for nothing less than the perfection of your own efforts.

Polish and finish the gift that God has given to you.

Your gift is what the global community yearns for.

Your creative expression, completed is the missing link.

Your words, images, songs, poems and recitations are the glue that binds this broken age.


Never give up or give in.

Join us…

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Travel Far.

Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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