Self-Care scratches our psyches

Self-Care scratches our Psyches

Genius Path: Concentrated Self-Care is really a series of questions…questions and reminders.

Genius Path Concentrated Self-Care scratches our psyches…and…

  • Reminds all that their life matters
  • Reminds all that faith remains a viable option
  • Reminds all that Dreams neuter fear
  • Reminds all that honest self-appraisal opens up vistas of knowledge
  • Reminds all that circumstances change…and of-times @ light-speed
  • Reminds all that failure is not only necessary…it is crucial to self-discovery
  • Reminds all that finding Communitas lifts many a burden
  • Reminds all that fuming and fussing and kvetching soon becomes a sepulcher
  • Reminds all that Jesus indeed reigns…even in the deepest and murkiest fog
  • Reminds all that God’s holy dust sprinkles delight into very dark and unstable places
  • Reminds all that your life is far from over…and that brighter outcomes beckon you, ‘come forth’!
  • Reminds all that your best days arrive @ light-speed


Good…you should be.

Travel Far.

Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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