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The Destination – Genius Confab! – Bonenberger & Co.

The Destination

The Destination

The Starting Gate:

The 12 Principles.

This is where everyone starts. This is where the journey, the sojourn begins.

The Destination?

A universe filled with men and women, ‘on mission’, living their life, ‘on purpose’, and dedicated to the finding and then full expression of their particular brand of, Genius.

See the universe as a massive grid.

See the universe as an intricate and highly interwoven grid.

See the universe as this complex, functional intelligence.

See the universe with gaps…large and small gaps.

See the gaps as men and women that have yet to dabble with their pain.

See the gaps as men and women that have yet to plunder their own genius.

See the gaps in the universal fabric—gaping holes and tiny light emitting pinpricks.

See the gaps—large and small—sending messages to their rightful owners.

See the gaps sending messages to their rightful owners saying, ‘find me and fill me’.

The universe is a massive grid of pure intelligence.

Your contribution is yet gone missing.

AIM to find your genius and fill your gap.

Sounds intriguing…

Trust me, it is.

Travel Far.

Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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