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The Distinction – Genius Confab! – Bonenberger & Co.

The Distinction

The Distinction:

Hundreds of ‘self-help’ programs and gurus.

Why Genius Path: Discover You?

The response is it is borne of sorrow.

The reply is it originated in suffering.

The insight that matters is 40 + years of toiling myself and then working and walking with hundreds upon hundreds of others.

The fact-patterns are based upon real-life and lived progressions.

The reality is that the formulas and the life-equations and the axioms originate within the core cerebellum of the human experience.

The Genius Path sparks and then ignites from places where passions sputter and then fail.

The Genius Path embraces the sputter and the failures and dares to ask, ‘Hmmmm’…

The Genius Path leans into the difficulties.

The Genius Path excavates the impoverishment.

The Genius Path looks for gems buried beneath your own personal rubble.

Why Genius Path: Discover You?

Because your world implodes now and then…

And we wish for you to glean from and then prosper from every single morsel of suffering.

Sounds intriguing,

It is.

Join us.

Travel Far.

Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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