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The Plan: Build Champions. – Genius Confab! – Bonenberger & Co.

The Plan: Build Champions.

The Plan: Build Champions.

It really is this simple. Study the arc of what makes greatness.

Discovery the elements that build champions.

Genius Path unearths and shapes and then builds: Champions!

  • Champions are a rarified breed of humans.
  • Champions extract every ounce of productivity from their God-given talent.
  • Champions stretch and bend and expand their capacity.
  • Champions remove doubt and replace doubt with fiery fury to exceed.
  • Champions extinguish non-performance inertia.
  • Champions deconstruct poor patterns of behavior and irregular patterns of thought and supplant these inferior intruders with ‘highest and best’ protocols for superior performance.
  • Champions reject—summarily and outright—all forms of ‘performance enhancing drugs’ and false performance crutches.
  • Champions squeeze every ounce of possibility out of their bodies.
  • Champions first and always train their minds and settle their spirits.
  • Champions never quake and tremble under pressure.
  • Champions live for the moment when, ‘their turn’ arrives.
  • Champions build teams of like-minded people and locate and assemble with co-passion-bearers.
  • Champions exist to thrive.
  • Champions push envelopes.
  • Champions embrace the quest of ‘best, better, next level’.
  • Champions fastidiously study and learn the ways and mannerisms of their opponents.
  • Champions develop, ‘first strike’ weapons.
  • Champions probe and test and then probe and test some more.
  • Champions relegate pain to process.
  • Champions live in this moment and train as if they will compete for a lifetime.
  • Champions forge perfect memories.
  • Champions envision winning.
  • Champions coach and compel others through their work ethic.

Travel Far.

Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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