The Work!

The Work!

What is: “They Work?”

The ‘Work!’ is:

· Writing: no doubt about this. The ‘work!’ is the hard and joyful work of writing

· Winsome: the ‘Work!’ is this winsomeness and shine that brings excitement and a quickening to the dull-edges of lives that have been hacked and hewn apart

· Wakening! The ‘Work!’ is alive when others spark. When other tremble. When others find their inner 1st tenor or 1st soprano or 1st bass or 1st alto. That’s when the ‘Work!’ is working

· Worthwhile: the ‘Work!’ has value when others find courage to become intrepid. That’s the piece that defines the entire body of effort. To see others step into cold and formidable waters and risk submersion

· Waylaid: the ‘Work!’ advances when the recipients are: “Waylaid no longer!’

Get others busy and occupied not with the mire of supporting some others’ fantasia-land. But rather: building out the principled construct of their own: Fantasia Land.

That = “The Work!”

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