Welcome World

Welcome World.

I’m Steve Bonenberger.

I’m an author, a novelist, a counselor, an instructor and something of a futurist.

I wrote/composed/imagined “Genius Path: Discover You” for many reasons.

The main reason I assembled, “Genius Path: Discover You” is to prompt and push and nudge you to find the gusto and courage to try again.

“Genius Path: Discover You” is the amalgam, the combination, the accumulated and organized and well-developed and well-defined core information, and raw data that I have learned over the span of my professional life.

“Genius Path: Discover You” is the tome.

“Genius Path: Discover You” is the apex, the summit of my life and work and study and practice.

“Genius Path: Discover You” is now compiled, assembled and presented to you in a chronological, thoughtful, intentioned and determined format.

“Genius Path: Discover You” is your personal glide path to self-discovery.

“Genius Path: Discover You” is your personal Guide to the discovery of your unique, true brand of genius.

Sounds intriguing…

It is.

Join us.

Travel Far.

Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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