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Writers and Creatives # 15 – Genius Confab! – Bonenberger & Co.

Writers and Creatives # 15

Write Your Story.

Write your story and plumb the depths and probe the minutia of your own joys and sorrows.

Write your story and confound your opponents and those who seek and sought your harm.

Write your story and watch as your name lights up on the marquee.

Write your story and enjoy the momentary flash of the cameras for your composition.

Write your story and stop clowning for others’ attentiveness.

Write your story and become the most important person in the room for once.

Write your story and move into the rarefied air of ‘published author’.

Write your story and enter into the universe of speaking and presenting.

Write your story and receive the respect and the adulation that you have longed for.

Write your story and understand what it means to plumb the depths of the ether.

Write your story and complete the first, and most important leg of your creative life journey.

Your story. Not someone else’s. Not sitting passively and listening and listening and queuing up constantly in someone else’s venue. 

Your story. The proud moments. The disconnecting moments. The segments and episodes that hurled you into days, months, years and maybe even decades of despair.

Your story = your personal intervention.

The question? Do you wish to get well? Do you wish to soar? Do you wish for the next portions of your life to have elevated and elongated seasons of ‘rise’ and importance?

Then stop chasing others’ dreams and blindly supporting others’ ambitions.

Write your story = Perfect Your Life.

Travel Far.

Steve Bonenberger