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Writers and Creatives #22 – Genius Confab! – Bonenberger & Co.

Writers and Creatives #22

Veritas and You:

How do you define truth?

“Truth is personality expressed and driven through communication tools.”

That’s a working definition of: “Truth.”

Let’s parse this out:

• Personality: this means you. Not someone else. Not your grandparents. Not your teachers. Not your instructors. You.

• Expressed: you have to say something. You have to imagine something. You have to write something. You have to take a position and seek to explain it + defend it. Expression. You have to say and shape and then OWN the words

• Driven: you have to become your own advocate. You have to 1st believe the words and thoughts. Then, you have to build mechanisms to propel (I like the term SNEEZE!) these out into the culture

• Through: there has to be an energy source. The energy source has to be your innards. No cool or highly relevant way to say this. Your guts are the fuel and your passion is your vehicle

• Communication Tools: the moment we live in is awesome and growing in its expansiveness. You have the capability at the touch of a mouse and the click of a computer to say and proclaim your message and to build your audience

Now some component parts about “TRUTH!”:

• Originality: if you think for one moment you can survive by sucking on the teats of others’ hard work, you are sadly mistaken. You must find originality

• Source Materials: the source materials are your own soul and the grist and grime and grit and then refined grains of your daily life

• Find Your Tribe: the single most important factor is to: FIND YOUR TRIBE!

• Daily Work and Daily Advancement: each day, you have to plow into your field and move the discussion topics along and find ways to progress the work

• Seize Territories: your land exists! Your province is real. Your territory sits there. You have to imagine it + believe it is there + move towards it + stake your claim + protect its assets + live into its vast wealth reserves

Truth = personality expressed and driven through communication tools.

Steve Bonenberger