Writers and Creatives Only #14

I Do Believe:

I do believe the secret to a ‘long and happy life’ is to write.

I do believe that human beings have been stalled out by mountain ranges of negativity.

I do believe that well-meaning people crush others’ dreams and turn them into amber ashes.

I do believe that God likes some more than he likes others.

I do believe a key ingredient in finding ‘your way’ is to actually reflect upon your days.

I do believe that every life has unique and hidden gems that deserve to be attended to.

I do believe that Grace and Mercy and Courage are elements that change worlds.

I do believe that stories, rightly conceived and carefully written enact cultural shifts.

I do believe that audiences exist for those who tend to the business of storytelling.

I do believe that springtime and even summers follow long and cold winters.

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