Corona-virus is the evisceration of personal care.

Corona-virus is the evisceration of personal care.
Millions of people are locked down and forced to have no personal contact with family members.
Those aged ones and disabled living in secure facilities languish away. Far from any form of personal touch and gentle care.
Dead bodies, former living human beings store up like cord-wood.
Hospitals and care facilities remain empty of patients.
Doctors and physicians and nurses find themselves with no one to treat.
Cancer patients and those with chronic conditions are denied access to care.
Families are sliding very quickly into full and complete bankruptcy.
Churches are outlawed.
Private businesses are now criminal enterprises.
Walking outdoors and congregating with family and friends are now punishable events.
Children no longer attend schools.
Who thought and dreamed this up?
Who brought such carnage to life and then forced this upon the American people?
Who continues to tighten the screws of heavy-handedness?
Who will be held accountable for creating such deep and elongated miseries for the American people?
Stay safe.
Care for yourself and at least one other person.
Travel Far.

Steve Bonenberger
P.S. This stinks to high heaven.

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