One Man Wonders this Morning

One Man Wonders this Morning…
Who defends the working people?
Who stands for those that toil?
Who rebuffs the advances of those that loot, kill and destroy?
Who repays the losses?
Who repairs the damage?
Who sifts through ash and rumble to relocate dreams?
Who assures this cannot and must not happen ever again?
Who orchestrated this well-managed attack against our nation?
Who thrives in the midst of such vulnerability?
Who christened these events?
Who celebrates the listing American empire?
Who prosecutes the offenders?
Who rescues the downtrodden?
Who protects the now gone missing life accomplishments?
Who restores trust in our agencies and institutions?
Who declares, ‘never again’?
All Americans suffer this morning.
This must stop.
Travel Far.


Steve Bonenberger
P.S. This stinks to high heaven.

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