The Impertinence of Freedom

The Impertinence of Freedom

As our days continue to be forced into smaller and smaller cubes.

The quirkiness and impertinence of Freedom keeps showing up.

Freedom, that perky little pest that politicians and fat-burro cats hate.

Freedom, that tiny, little gnat that keeps whispering, ‘there is a constitution’.

Freedom, that whimsical set of ideals that men and women are indeed created free.

Freedom, that awful premise that liberties emanate from the mind and soul of God.

Freedom, that abomination that scratches at the minds of the plebeians.

Freedom, that weird belief that gives the lesser hope that one day they can be like us.

Freedom, that strange unction that causes simpletons to think they can achieve greatness.

Freedom, that odd concoction of gumption and ingenuity that burns up tyrannies.

Freedom, that eternal flame that pushes men and women to pursue excellence.

Freedom, that stumbling block that hinders the progress of totalitarianism.

Freedom, that impertinent sense the commoners can actually rule themselves.

Stay safe.

Care for yourself and at least one other person.

Travel Far.

Steve Bonenberger


Steve Bonenberger
P.S. This stinks to high heaven.

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