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Day by Day – Genius Confab! – Bonenberger & Co.

Day by Day

Day by Day

What I love is the day by day stuff.

I live for the chance to bring one more inspirational bit.

I love opening up one, or, multiple core valves of heretofore unthought of idea banks.

I love bending present day realities and reforming and then advancing thought processes.

Thought leadership starts with discomfort.

Thought leadership generally begins with of-times monumental mishaps.

Thought leadership festers as you gaze at mangled messes.

Thought leadership spins yarns.

Thought leadership is filled with nettles and thorns and prickly, sticking monsters.

Thought leadership disinherits dogmas.

Thought leadership leans into unknown and even non-existing provinces.

Thought leadership requires one skill: courage. Bounties & a cornucopia of courage.

Thought leadership is a lonely walk up a heretofore seemingly unscalable mountain.

Thought leadership requires that you hurl yourself across unbridged chasms.

Thought leadership means you land in awkward and of-time compromised positions.

Thought leadership burns with a fire inside of you that is so intense not even the icy waters of hell can quench your internal inferno.

Join us.

Travel Far.

Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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