The Call and Duty of Honest Discourse

The Call and Duty of Honest Discourse

One of the hallmarks of a distinctive person is, ‘honesty’.

Honesty is a known and recognizable trait.

Honesty is a gathered and gained life-skill.

Honesty permits your Voice to be heard and to be valued and to ultimately be considered.

Honesty preempts public fog.

Honesty firms up personal Brands.

Honesty places you in a position of authority and also of influence.

Honesty radiates and pulses positive impact.

Honesty ascends and reigns supreme over lesser and more turbulent voices.

Honesty turns eyes on you.

Honesty is an earned and acquired state of being.

Honesty welcomes discourse and seeks mutual consent.

Honesty settles minor disputes and quashes incessant bickering.

Honesty speaks volumes.

Honesty quietly depicts and accurately advances: Vision.

Honesty is a known and honorable trait.

The call is for duty and for honor and for open and for uncomfortable discourse.

Honesty creates the atmosphere where peace and prosperity thrive.

Join us.

Travel Far.

Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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