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The Sacred Teachings – Genius Confab! – Bonenberger & Co.

The Sacred Teachings

The Sacred Teachings

The Sacred Teachings of Genius Path: Concentrated Self-Care:

  • Genius Path teaches that pain is the underground and of-hidden reserve that holds my unique genius
  • Genius Path teaches that healing comes via finding incidents, isolating them, discussing them openly and then positively disassociating from them
  • Genius Path reminds me that all positive outcomes arrive via the power of concurrent and very conscious commitments
  • Genius Path tethers and grounds me via frank and open discussions regarding my family of origin
  • Genius Path connects me to others via my own incidents and events
  • Genius Path seeks to rid and break the bonds of trauma
  • Genius Path pounds the pavement of my mind with the promise of permanent and empowering sobriety
  • Genius Path sends new language patterns to me that I can both access and leverage to create new glide-paths to soar upon
  • Genius Path sparks ‘Code Green’ energy zones and calls me to find small openings to traverse and pass through
  • Genius Path piques my psyche and reminds me that life is to be lived! And that I indeed am an intrepid
  • Genius Path sounds the alarm by providing me new Vision power
  • Genius Path extends and expands my personal horizons
  • Genius Path calls me to Dream and to reimagine what life indeed might be, and possibly even, should be for me
  • Genius Path calls me to fully surrender to the power and might and extensive will of God
  • Genius Path ushers in a cavalcade of Purpose
  • Genius Path introduces me to, ‘The Daily Code’

Genius Path is a spiritual and personal formation event that now calls you to fulfill your personal mission.

Join us.

Travel Far.

Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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