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For Writers and Creatives #7 – Genius Confab! – Bonenberger & Co.

For Writers and Creatives #7

For Writers and Creatives #7

Arouse Curiosities:

What’s interesting about writers and creatives are their ability and capacity to notice. Notice and move.

Over the next few sessions, we will examine and take a deep-dive into the matters that ‘arouse curiosities’ and thus spark and fan-the-flames of creativity.

My sense is that the universe we now live in, and the habits and external rhythms that have been imposed upon us, force human beings into contemplation.

Contemplation and self-doubt and the sense of being ‘pinched’ tilt and then pull us towards writing and the creative process.

So you see, the urge, the pull, the nudge, the compulsion that you feel to: write + sketch + photo + explore + rhyme + lay down beats + pick up an instrument + make movies + paint Et Al.

These are the universe calling you, by name, to both listen and to love yourself.

Curiosity reigns these days.

Next time we will advance this notion of what a ‘curiosity’ looks like and how these curiosities enter into our personal orbits.