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For Writers and Creatives Only # 8 – Genius Confab! – Bonenberger & Co.

For Writers and Creatives Only # 8

For Writers and Creatives Only # 8

What Does Curiosity Look Like?

Curiosity looks like:

Your Heart:

Your heart pumping out visuals and internal disagreements and outright internal rage. Internal rage not at any external source, but at you! Why?

Because you simply will not listen. You keep pressing the matter further and further into the weeds of busyness and preoccupations and other urgent and ‘important’ matters.

But your heart. Your innards. Your personality. These work harder and harder to claw back into your front-lobe.

Your Soul:

The innermost part of your being. The section of your life that no longer permits you to section off and send to the balcony and observe. Your soul laughs at your busyness.

Your soul long ago stopped trying to shame you into quieting down for a moment or two.

Your soul languishes and reminds you that the day you actually sit still and listen. Sit still and listen and take up pen and paper and just record some of its impressions. That day is the day that liberation and true restitution appear like magic for you.

Your Mind:

Your mind is not playing tricks on you. Your mind is not absent. Your mind is not addled. Your mind is active. Your mind is attentive. Your mind has a clear and very present missional statement.

The missional statement calls you to activate the lessons lived. And the stories that simply cannot fade away with too distant of memories. And the pictures and images and still-shots that history must capture and retain for its own sense of well being.

Curiosity = Paying Attention to the Tap-Tap-Tap of your life.

Now, please, for your sake, as well as for our sake…go and do something creative.