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For Writers and Creatives Only :# 11 – Genius Confab! – Bonenberger & Co.

For Writers and Creatives Only :# 11

For Writers and Creatives Only :# 11

The Anatomy of Curiosity:

·        Inquisitiveness

·        Something’s not quite right

·        That’s interesting

·        That’s troubling

·        I like that…

·        Tell me more…

·        The event or experience

·        The chill and freeze out

·        The AHA! Moments

·        The predilection to want to know more

·        The never settling for the trite and common and perhaps orthodox answer

·        The belief that your life counts and counts for more than you currently account for

·        The mismanagement ends: you determine that no one takes advantage of you ever again

·        The disposal of your dreams and the dispossession of your ideals

·        The trampling upon your very person hood

·        The moment when you stand up for yourself

·        The crush of indecencies

·        The declaration of: “Extreme Self Care”

·        The calendaring of time for yourself

·        The chronicling and careful accounting of and for your highest and best wishes

·        The decision to Summit!

·        The pursuit of the unknowns

·        The pull of your psyche and soul of hidden moons on your internal tides

·        The crestfallen moments when others tell you that your dreams and ideals do not matter

·        The crusader inside of you that finds and forges a wooden sword made out of Popsicle sticks and hops on your hobby-horse charger and starts to ride

Writers and Creatives are first and foremost: Curios. It is these aroused and active curiosities that make souls hummmmm.

For your sake, and also for ours: get busy!