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For Writers and Creates Only # 9 – Genius Confab! – Bonenberger & Co.

For Writers and Creates Only # 9

For Writers and Creates Only # 9


So there is this plow.

This is this internal bending of reality.

There is this implacable and unflappable inner: “This is the real me!” that exists and thrives inside of you.

This thing is invisible and yet way noticeable.

This thing is the competitive drive that keeps burning.

This thing is the tenacity that hums along and keeps your engines purring and fine-tuned.

This thing gives you the insight to ‘block and tackle’ and to press into the more obscure and even whimsical (at first glance) parts of, “The Work.”

This thing has to be present.

If you think it’s absent from you, you are dead-set-wrong.

It’s there.

You simply have to pay attention to it and give it some room and latitude and longitude to ply its impeccable trade.

Craft = Give UR I Must Fly! Room to ply its impeccable skills.

Cherish This Day!

Pastor Steve Bonenberger