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Writers and Creatives Only #10 – Genius Confab! – Bonenberger & Co.

Writers and Creatives Only #10

Writers and Creatives Only #10

The Anatomy of a Curiosity:

·        Long gestation period

·        Germ of an idea

·        Gnaw of an injustice

·        Terror of a trauma

·        Rebuke of a colleague

·        Distrust of a spouse or parent or sibling

·        Fall from Grace

·        Scaffolds begin to show up

·        Shadows begin to withdraw

·        Clarity of some form of clairvoyance begin to arrive

·        The first scrawls and scratching appear (crude depictions on napkin sort of things)

·        Vision! You see something that (formerly) did not exist before

·        Scale: (this is where the scary part shows its ugly face) you see this thing or idea or story emerging and working (but you have done zero of the hard work and heavy lifting)

·        Reinforcement and confirmations: you see them everywhere. All at once, the idea, the story the gizmo materializes in so many forms, shapes and representations

·        Convinced and Conviction: now you actually begin to be swayed by the curiosity

·        Commitment: your life changes when you actually immerse yourself—no reservations or anything withheld—into the deep oceanic currents of pursuit and fulfillment

This is precisely what it ‘looks and feels like’. Now, get off your arse and go and do likewise.