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For Writers and Creatives Only #12: The Summons! – Genius Confab! – Bonenberger & Co.

For Writers and Creatives Only #12: The Summons!

For Writers and Creatives Only #12: The Summons!

Build Astonishment + Accumulate Mastery = Summons Greatness!

Promise yourself that from today forward, you are going to learn to weave and integrate your story and your stories, and I mean fully integrate this into the landscape of your daily activities.


Because the messages and stories given to you + the very value of your life accomplishments and permeable failures and many experiences deserve and merit, ‘Your Best’!

No more lollygagging along.

No more, passivity.

No more settling for second place and watching others compete on the brightly lit stages of their own making.

No more cameo appearances in dramatic support of others’ ascensions.

No more, ‘just good enough’!

From today forward, you summons and call forth: The Best!

The best! That you have to offer.

That’s good enough and that’s what you now identify and summons and then begin to woo and begin to shape and begin to use as the very markers of your self-identification.

Today, we summons greatness that resides inside of you.

Today, we call forth greatness from your soul.

Today, we quicken the stories and the images and the scenery and the characters, all which live and breathe inside of you, to come forth and to heighten and to quicken themselves.

We implore these elements of your personal greatness to gnaw at you.

We plead with them to pester you.

We demand that they require your attention–your full attention.

For these, and their companions are indeed qualities that speak into your greatness.

For these, and their companions are markers and unique identifiers of your DNA.

Today, we quash and we smash every tool and voice of hatred and demon of opposition and coagulant of procrastination.

We quash and we smash these demons of hell to bits.

We send them back to the very pit of hell which is their home and place of origin.

You are a creative.

You are a giant.

You are genius.

Steve Bonenberger