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For Writers and Creatives Only: #5 – Genius Confab! – Bonenberger & Co.

For Writers and Creatives Only: #5

For Writers and Creatives Only: #5

Your Work On Marquees Around the Globe:

You have dreamed and fawned over this.

You have kvetched and pissed and moaned.

You have imagined and looked over yonder.

You see, “Your Work!” In neon lights and captured in still photographs.


Have you done, “The Work!?”

It is the hard work and the daily grind in the end that makes these next vistas commonplace.

For you do not achieve revenue and accolade and critical acclaim without pounding endless cinder blocks into sand and tiny pieces of gravel in the solitude of your garage.

For it is in the moments of hard, solitary work when genius is first conceived of.

Genius is the slow, awkward and oft-times unsettling process of discovery and unraveling.

Unraveling because the germ, the atomic particles of genius are precocious and a bit timid.

Genius often arrives bundled, barbed-wire-wrapped and entwined in a mishmash of uncertainties, misfortunes, mistakes, and poor decisions and wrong-paths-taken.

Writers and Creatives need support.

Writers and Creatives need Guidance.

Writers and Creatives need and seek the collective of community.

Ping me.

Our team helps.

Cherish This Day!

Steve Bonenberger