Writers and Creatives Only # 4: Disappear into Your Dream

Writers and Creatives Only # 4: Disappear into Your Dream

What Passion for Writing and The Creative Arts Sort-of Looks Like:

So, I had an interesting encounter a couple of weeks ago. A guy that read one of my novels met me in a coffee shop. He wanted to talk to me about the book that is buried deep inside of his soul.

He told me something of the framework of the ‘Big Idea’.

Then, he asked me, “How do I write this?”

That got me to thinking. What are some key and healthy ingredients that bring tales, stories, scripts, works of art, drawings, songs etc. from the ether into this present age?

Here are some givens:

· Write or create: sounds so simple. And is yet so difficult. You have to sit your butt into a chair and start writing. You have to stand in front of an easel and start scratching. You have to pick up a guitar or flute or oboe and start hammering out chords

· Live to Write, Write to Live: this has to be in your DNA. This creative stuff and this creative energy has to pulse inside of you. You must feel and permit yourself to be completely submerged into the vibe or tone or adventure

· No Flow: you have to completely discredit and denounce this idea and hogwash that writing and creativity are ‘easy’. There may be moments of when the work, ‘flows’. But these are far and few. The reality is the creative process is toil. It’s work. It’s grind. It’s mesmerizing detail. It’s spreadsheets. It’s facts and figures that you have to order and move in orderly fashion

·Love: writing and the creative life are works of love. The artist, the creator, the one who has the courage to actually plow into this work has to bleed and then spill real human personality into their endeavors

For it is this personal signature, this human stigmata that turns a work from bland into brilliant!

Work. Find time today to stroke an idea. Hammer out one or two melodies. Swash one dab of paint. Stencil one line with charcoal.

Our team of experts are here to make your journey swim in the deep sea of satisfaction.

Don’t hesitate to ping us.

Allow and permit us the privilege and high-calling of co-laboring with you.

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