Writers and Creatives #3 : Live Into

Writers and Creatives #3 : Live Into

Writing for me, is ‘living into’ depth and soul and tasting and then digesting each and every savory word.

Writing for me is like walking in verdant glens that lead to unworkable outcomes.

Writing for me is glimpses into terrors and beauties heretofore unknown.

Writing for me is guillotines for my fast and hard-clung to me-isms.

Writing for me is rending the now and passing into the ether…for the ether is where the stories and tales live.

Writing for me is adventure and freedom and bounty.

Writing for me is discovery and DNA rearrangement.

Writing for me is sleuth and selecting which cloak and dagger best fits the day’s requirements.

Writing for me is living into your true self.

On this day, pick up a pen and paper, or start hammering out your thoughts on any, old keyboard.

Your true self hangs in the balance.

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