Writers and Creatives Only #2 : Emotions

Writers and Creatives Only #2 : Emotions


Which brings me to this new thought: Writers and Creatives experience emotions.

Before perhaps you lived nonplussed and above or beneath them.

Now, in order to soar, you feel sorrow.

Now, in order to connect, you live into gratitude.

Now, in order to move your readers to exhilaration, you express and breathe joy into each and every phrase.

Now, in order to enthrall you migrate love from an unknown to a chain of felt experiences.

I believe that love matters most of all.

Ongoing Dialogue:

So inside of you soul exists this ongoing dialogue with God.

And this ongoing and quite blind (and mortally blinding) hope that God will hand serve one golden apple of brilliance.

Writing and Creativity in all forms are solitary sports.

You need a companion and Guide. Ping me and let’s plow into your ideals and bring them into full and active vision.

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