The Who?

The Sparrow Network AKA: The Nautilus Krew AKA: The Second Society AKA Komunitas.

I have been on this journey for more than 40 years.

I have lived in exile.

I have been ostracized by religious people.

I have been marginalized by my own poor decision making.

I have been disenfranchised.

I have lived life beyond the margins inside of cramped crevices and cracks.

I hustled.

I wasted opportunities.

I lived way beyond my own means.

I surfed the cresting waves of unlooked for misfortunes.

I experienced the wash.

I crashed and burned.

I found solitary.

I mined isolation.

I wished for community.

The wish showed up, materialized in my writings.

For forty years, I envisioned this community of sorts.

This place, where men and women live within the portals of acceptance.

This place, where men and women live outside of their own banishment.

This place, where judgment, condemnation and even exile are simply disinherited.

The Who?

Men and women who grasp creativity.

Men and women who become succulents and learn to exist outside of nourishment and bounty.

Men and women who invent and then produce and then share and live-into: Abundance!

Men and women who suggest that safeties exist as harmonies are sung.

Men and women who believe the spirit of creativity is their individual and collective genius.

Men and women who reject and push through the boundaries and barricades of harm.

Men and women who imagine and then construct and then live-into: true Komunitas.

I have called and described it with differing names over the decades.

In Through Gates of Fire, it first arrived as ‘The Sparrow Network’.

Then, it morphed and matured into, ‘The Second Society’.

In The AkelDeema Saga, it is, ‘The Nautilus Krew’.

Now, it coalesced into, ‘Komunitas’.


Those mother hens and crowing roosters and baby chicks who decide to declare, ‘a separate peace’ and live into harmonies too profound for petty politicians and garbled egoists to grasp, let alone comprehend.


It starts with language.

It matures with engagement.

Join us.

Travel Far.

Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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