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The How? – Genius Confab! – Bonenberger & Co.

The How?

The How?

Time on the Mountain.

You want to reform your life?

You wish to see life different?

You long for ‘improvement’?

You dream and fiddle with ‘how it should be’?

You spend moments envying others’ achievements and accomplishments?

You wonder…’why not me’?


How do you reform your life?

How do you see life differently?

How do you first imagine and then gather improvement?

How do you laser focus your ‘dream quotient’ and transform this into positive, ‘code green’ energies?

How do you create achievement and construct scaffolds that produce accomplishments?


The answer is very simple: time on the mountain.

The answer is very difficult: you begin by shutting off messaging systems that produce zero positive benefit.

The answer is very time-intensive: you invest, notice the word, you, ‘invest’ hour after hour and then day after day, and then week after week and then month after month into study and transformative thought and rearrangement patterns for right and proper living.

The answer is very lucrative: as you invest time and energy and devote larger and larger portions of your life to transformative power, you change.

The answer is very noticeable: you notice shifts. You notice layers of your former self and poor patterns melting away.

You notice others paying closer and more studied attention to you.

You notice that your world begins to sharpen.

You notice that your habits become very refined.

You notice that productivity levels soar.

The answer is very profitable: your world, ‘improves’.

Refinement and resurrection and new behaviors and proper language begin to define your presence.

The answer is very three-dimensional: your gaze now includes long-term planning.

Your work and work-flow now release imminent and urgencies that heretofore kept you shackled.

Your effort is to build substance.

The answer is very multi-generational: you begin to act with legacy in mind.

Your natural tendencies to care solely for yourself shutter themselves without any effort.

Your new normal is to think about others and especially for the care and nurture of your family.

The answer is very generous: you find yourself giving and sharing and endorsing and encouraging and promoting those who brought you joy and those who support your journey.

The answer is very communal: you find and immerse yourself in Komunitas.

You think of how interconnected and how interlaced all of your behaviors and actions are to those who surround and support you.

The How?

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Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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