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The What – Genius Confab! – Bonenberger & Co.

The What

The What


What is your outcome?

To toil and to strain?

To sweat and to come up empty handed?

To embroil yourself into meaningless chatter?

To commit your life to a set of ideologies that in the end only leave you with vanity or an emptied-out soul?

To swim in frothy seas of misdirected and unproductive energies?

To live a life that highlights someone else and only serves to make their life better?


What do you seek?

The Four Courses teach you to seek:

  • Purpose: a life ‘on purpose’
  • Emotional intelligence: a life that swells and ebbs on the cresting tips of emotional knowledge
  • Relational health: a life that resides in relationship. Relationship with yourself, your God and your family
  • Genius: a life that knows its own Genius and then lives into the expression and expansion and ultimately the monetization of that unique flavor of creativity
  • Commonality: a life that surrounds itself with known quotients and people that respect and refuse to allow any force to embargo your own genius
  • Komunitas! a life that finds its Tribe and then settles into the fabric of useful and kinetic energies that seek good outcomes for all people
  • Success and profitability: a life that collects and attracts money and resources and intelligence
  • Wisdom: a life that lives inside of ‘irrefutable maxims. ‘Irrefutable maxims’ that moor and tether and provide safe pinning that weather a life-time of storms
  • Teacher: to become a respected elder. To migrate from wind-driven to pillar

The What: you respected. You enthralled. You ‘on purpose’. You gathering wool. You as Komunitas leader & community pillar.


Drive your life into positive outcomes.

Join us.

Travel Far.

Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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