The Why?

The Why?

Why do I do all of this?

Why do I spend countless hours imagining and writing and concentrating on how to improve the lives of others?

The answer is quite simple: I seek to eradicate suffering.

The answer is quite simple: I believe mightily in the power of the individual.

The answer is quite simple: I seek to find and then immerse myself in a community of men and women who believe that human improvement is the most important element of this present moment.

The answer is quite simple: I believe that each and every man, woman and child on planet earth has a strain of genius that is unique to them and discoverable.

The answer is quite simple: I believe that God implanted and installed within me the capacity and the passion to receive the message(s) and then accurately record each of, ‘The Four Courses’.

In the end, I am nothing more than a faithful scribe. A scrivener who seeks to humbly and ably serve and to aptly and rightly and passionately record the messages that God sends along.

In the end, I am the lonely town-crier. I find towers, or platforms or housetops, or solitary mountains upon which I stand, ring my handbell and ask any and all who will listen to heed the message and cease with the diminishment of their own very precious lives.

The starting point is self-knowledge and self-awareness and self-management.

Join us.

Travel Far.

Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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