The Four Courses: Life’s Glidepath

The Four Courses: Life’s Glidepath

The Four Courses:

  • Genius Path: Concentrated Self-Care: the core decision to find, mine and then extract and then live into your personal and unique strain of genius
  • The Writer’s Covenant: the core decision to then write your story…unabridged and unfiltered so that you might gain insight and strength and claim your personal power
  • Miracle Power: the core decision to hurl yourself @ light-speed into the weightlessness and powerlessness that is submission and full surrender to the greater mission of your life
  • Gospel of John: Wisdom Teaching: the core decision to build your life upon spiritual foundations and balancing beliefs that maintain your essence and in-fact elevate your mission

God gave Einstein, ‘The Five Papers’. God gave me, ‘The Four Courses’.

The Four Courses shatters the belief and incessant messaging that you are, ‘less than’.

The Four Courses pull and draw, with an irresistible magnetic force, you to work. And to work harder than you ever thought or imagined possible.

The Four Courses attach you into an assembly of men and women who are, ‘co-passion-bearers’ and who understand, without need for explanation, your desire to grow and improve and exceed your own heretofore limited understanding.

The Four Courses drive you and energize you to work and to plow and to never languish.

The Four Courses are a positive contagion that seeks to upend miseries and replace all with a divine appointment for every person alive on planet earth.

The starting point is self-knowledge and self-awareness and self-management.

Join us.

Travel Far.

Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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