Sometimes the Healer…

Sometimes the Healer…

     Is a band-aid and covers small scratches with clown faces

  • Is a suture and closes gaps too large for band-aids and makes the bleeding stop
  • Is a brute force and fights backs demons too large for the person under their care to stare down on their own
  • Is a suction cup and Hoovers lots of pain out of the very wounded soul
  • Is a collection of fairy tales and reminds the person under their care that better days are on the near horizon and quite visible
  • Is a lump of clay and just sits on the couch and listens
  • Is a drummer and celebrates the simplest of victories for those placed under their care
  • Is a tourist and visits many lonely train stations on the journey to, ‘where is this heading’?
  • Is a spiritual counselor and reminds the person under their care that God indeed is real, and no, has not forgotten their name or zip code
  • Is a magician and pulls flowers and rabbits out of very old hats
  • Is a marvel in that they know that sans their comfort and wisdom and thoughtful presence the world would indeed implode upon far too many distanced souls

Sometimes the Healer…

Travel Far.

Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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