Genius Path

Genius Path:

Concentrated Self-Care

I really like this coupled idea: that as you gather and gain mastery over your own YOU, that the process frees up and then acquaints you with your own, true genius.

Genius Path:

The idea that inside of you resides this glide-path towards greatness.

The notion that your contribution to this universe is truly unique.

The realization that without you, plowing deep into the underbrush of your own mishaps, you simply cannot see the glaze of your genius.

The knowledge, the deep, embedded wisdom that you possess some nugget of information, some kernel of essential fact, some hidden key to understanding Grace is freeing.

The comprehension that genius is a bit fickle and perhaps a bit of a coquette. And that you have to tease and court and spark to bring it to the surface.

The determination to work through your own manure.

The courage to face and stare down your own existential demons.

The frank and adult conversations with yourself that quash your past missed-steps and replace all of them with the present and powerful and adaptive you.

The Grind.

The real you begins to love the hard work.

The real you swims in the deepest part of your ocean.

The real you embraces difficulty and even laughs at the very threat of new forming demons.

Strength. You are more than a conqueror.

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Travel Far.

Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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