Genius Path: Concentrated Self-Care

Genius Path: Concentrated Self-Care:

This is the core belief that you are valuable.

This is the core sensibility that you possess some kind or measure of uniqueness.

This is the core Vision that your life is vectoring towards some larger outcome.

This is the singular consensus, often against all odds, that your contribution shifts the universal sands in some positive direction.

This is the internal distinctiveness that decries and stomps on all past and current critics.

This is the hard choice to mine your own bedrock and sift through your own cobble and clay.

This is the press, the oft-time illogical press, to burn your candle at both ends, and in the middle knowing that your flame and internal fire will never extinguish.

This is the ever-present awareness that you are being pulled and tugged and hoisted towards your own summit moments.

This is the personal declaration and value statement that internally shouts: “I will locate my genius path.”

This is the simple genius path that always starts out all alone…

Start your journey with us today.

Travel Far.

Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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