The Moment of Awakening

The Moment of Awakening:

The reforming of Self.

The discovery of personal Genius.

The impartation of immaculate conceptions.

The reshuffled personal deck furniture.

All of this, each and every stitch and stipple take immense: Courage.

There are some givens…

You are worth the extra effort.

You are the bearer of goods and services and skills of which you are not aware.

You are the one for whom the ransoms have been long ago paid in full.

You are the one whose soul, once captured and fettered, is now set free.

You are the bastion of creativity.

You are the redeemer of lost realms.

Upon your shoulders rests the future of many kingdoms.

Start today.

Step forward.

Raise your hand.

Swallow your swollen and leached out pride.

Walk into your destiny.

Travel Far.

Pastor Steve Bonenberger

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