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Writers and Creatives #30 – Genius Confab! – Bonenberger & Co.

Writers and Creatives #30

Today = Healing Day:

I love Fridays. I get to speak directly into the matters of healing and hope and forlorn men and women. I get to address modernity gone mad. The madness settles in so many forms:

·        Busyness: there is this sense of scurrying that I see and notice

·        Hovering parental cares: this frenzied craze to protect children from the manias of modernity 

·        Drugs and alcohol: these I wish the church would actually address again

·        Sexual dysfunctions: so many men and women starved for proper affections. And so many women and men that have turned asexual in this very promiscuous age

·        Dizzying heights and bottomless shallows: lots of men and women and even young boys and girls that experience and swim into these emotional swings now. These create emotional imbalances that actually cause the soul to lose its capacity to reason 

·        Judgements: this whole ‘discernment’ thing that has gobbled up the NT church is wrecking tons and tons of men and women. The truth is every, single one of us suffer from ‘hamartia’ and its many facial expressions

·        Biblical literacies that rob personal freedoms: legalisms and their nasty cousin of moralism has abducted so many churches. These are creatures from the very pits of hell

·        Purchased blockades: so many men and women purchase blockades. Meaning, they spend their monies on things that actually prevent intimacies 

·        One to many: the church squelches conversation. And promotes this notion that few if none are capable of speaking messages of truth

Our Work. Our Mission. Our belief: Healing and Personal Vibrancy Awake as you Write Your Story. 

The grit. The grist. The pebbles in your sneakers. The millstones wrapped around your neck. The impairments of your speech. The predilection of your psyche to go completely rogue. 

These are the matters that matter most. For these are the human elements that pry you out of modernity and its many forms of isolation. We remind you that here! You are safe! Here! You are free to lean into and breathe deeply into the persona that God long ago imagined you to be.

Form up your story. Do not censure one iota. Do not withhold any of the grimy details. We wish to fully comprehend you, in all of your rarefied beauties.

Travel Far.

Pastor Steve Bonenberger,

Shepherd to Creatives Everywhere