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Writers and Creatives #25 – Genius Confab! – Bonenberger & Co.

Writers and Creatives #25

How Does Superman Get his Power?

If you build heroic tales, if you create non-fiction that wrecks some element of the status quo, if you imagine self-help or spiritual empowerment pieces that establish a higher order and a larger stratification of how the world works, then, you have to build and shape ‘super powers’. 

Super Powers:

I imagine, craft and then carefully build: Heroic tales.

I’m a storyteller. 

I’m a novelist.

I’m a writer and author. 

Those are not throwaway lines.

Those are not conversation gap-fillers. 

I do not say this to either impress or bore you.

I’m a writer. First and foremost, I’m a writer 

I write by fairly strict formulae that I created on my own. (You will be able to see and learn and modify and/or adopt this formulae as “The Writer’s Covenant” comes out in midsummer to early fall in 2019, so look for that).

Some tips to building Super Powers:

·        Ordinary to extraordinary: you have to pick something and imagine something or someone that is very ordinary 

·        Malevolent: you have to shape evil. You have to twist and bend goodness. You have to forge discontent on galactic levels

·        Personal: you have to make the rage vs. this evil very personal. You have to see and comprehend that a big part of the reason that the super power arrives is it has to be able to channel and harness the level of internal rage to quench the fire that evil moves within

·        Systemic and gradual and surprising: the power has to arrive either in stages, or, all at once. But the super hero has to go through some kind of acquisition period that you might deem an apprenticeship

·        Mentor and/or Pedagogue: you need to shape a learner. A core holder of some wisdom lore that shows the ropes to the young and now arriving, “Next Gen” and better version of themselves 

·        Only for Good…Only for Good: the principal learning is that the power(s) is not to be trifled with and toyed with…and used only when needed 

Now, next time we will lay out how Flash Bastion received his super powers. 

Travel Far.

Steve Bonenberger